Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Shipping Department

Alcon Post #11

Department Highlight

Alcon has a very busy shipping department, with finished parts being packaged and shipped daily to customers all over the world. The first stop for many of our parts is the laser engraver, where we add our logo and identification numbers for future re-identification and easier ordering of replacement parts. We also offer custom engraving depending on the customer's needs.

Our laser engraving station

Here at Alcon we take steps to make sure your newly manufactured product reaches your company free from damage and rust. To combat the challenges of nature we apply rust preventative and, for many knives, apply an edge guard that ensures the cutting edge is unblemished upon arrival. We also frequently skin pack parts before shipment. Skin packing allows for cleaner boxing and increased stability while in transit.

Before skin packed
Before skin packed
After skin packed
After skin packed

We work with all major carriers on a daily basis, allowing the flexibility necessary to send your parts to you how and when you would you like. When you place your order with us, let us know what shipping options you require and we will do the rest!

For more information about the shipping department, visit our YouTube channel (link provided below) or visit our website to contact us with individual questions.

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