Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pinvent Trimming Blade

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Tool Highlight

This particular pin vent is a 2001A model

The final stage of molding a tire requires extra material to flow out of the mold. This extra material insures that no voids are produced, which would make the tire unusable. In many cases, the extra material flows out of a vent in the shape of a pin, hence the name pin vent.

Alcon's pinvent trimmer blades are used by the tire manufacturer to remove those pinvents prior to delivery to the end user. These blades are made from M-2 High Speed Steel, ensuring high quality strength, durability, and high levels of productivity. While the majority of pinvent trimmer blades are used in machine automated tool holders, Alcon also produces handles that allow for the tires to be trimmed by hand. In addition to the full layout of pinvent trimmer sizes shown on our website, any desired custom modifications can be made to fit the needs of the customer.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

History of Alcon

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Our Company History

Originally named Alcon Production Tool Company, founded in February 1946, the company concentrated its efforts in knife manufacturing for the tire companies headquartered in Akron. From there, they expanded into tooling for other companies producing rubber products and refractory die equipment. Those two product lines lead to expertise in working with high quality tool steels required by their customers. As the company grew, they expanded their product lines to service customers from many different sectors of the economy. Alcon's customers now represent the following industries: food processing, rubber and tire manufacturing, paper tubing and cores, custom machine builders, and many others whose names are well known through out industry and by the consumer world wide.

We continue to invest in the latest equipment to enhance our capabilities and provide excellent customer service. Our equipment list includes: machining centers, lathes, grinders, wire EDMs, lasers, heat treating equipment, and custom-made equipment for our specialized needs, most of which are computer controlled.

The best description of Alcon Tool is:

A specialized job shop with an extensive product line, supported by a creative engineering and manufacturing staff.

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