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Hydraulic Hose Blade

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Hydraulic Hose Blade

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Hydraulic hose blade
The Hydraulic Hose Blade is used by manufacturers and distributors to cut reinforced hose to length as required for shipment in bulk or as needed for specific pieces of hydraulically powered equipment.  In the case of distributors, they would generally attach a fitting to each end of the hose.  Due to the high pressure hydraulic fluid that is used in today's equipment, the hoses need to be reinforced with either a fabric, many times kevlar, (a Dupont product), or high strength steel wire or both.  This presents an extremely difficult application for any steel blade.  To accomplish this difficult task, Alcon manufactures its Hose Cut-off blades from M-2 High Speed Steel, many times with a scalloped edge as shown above.  M-2 has the best combination of toughness, wear resistance, and hot hardness that allows the blade to remain sharp, while at the same time withstand the harsh environment of cutting through rubber, kevlar, and steel.  The scallop pattern provides a sawing action that minimizes the scrap produced which reduces the amount of cleaning needed after the cutting operation.  
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