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Calender Knives

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367 Calender Knife
Tire, rubber, and polymer producing companies use calender knives (see picture above, and Item 5 in schematic at the bottom) in the early stages of rubber or polymer production. After the polymer material is mixed to the required chemistry, it is next run through a calender to reduce the thickness to finished, or near finished thickness, using two or more horizontal cylindrical rolls. Calender knives are used to cut a strip of rubber or polymer from the roll for further processing downstream. Because the cylindrical rolls are expensive, the knives are sacrificed to prevent scoring (or grooving) the rolls. The knives are designed to be softer than the rolls and do not rotate. Rotation would promote scoring. Hence the need for pinholes in most calender knives. The knives are supplied sharp and as they become dull a "flat" is produced on the edge that becomes the bearing surface. As each blade becomes too dull to cut, the blade is unbolted from the handle (Item 4), indexed or rotated by hand to the next available sharp spot, and re-bolted to the handle.

2400-3 Calender Knife Carrier

Shown above is the calender knife carrier (also Item 3 in the schematic sketch below). The carrier performs several duties. It is adjustable along the calender bar (Item 2), supports the handle (Item 4), that carries the knife (Item 5) and contains the pressure adjusting the screw (Item 7). As shown in the schematic, the knife contacts the calender roll below the center of the roll. This aides in keeping the knife in the cut.

Calender Knife Bar Assembly - from our catalog

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