Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Calender Knives & Carrier

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Calender Knives & Carrier
367 Calender Knife
Calender knives are precision turned and milled for maximum performance. Made with chromium tool steel that has exceptional properties at 50 Rockwell C hardness. These knives are made for rubber and tire industries. They remove strips of rubber or plastic from mills and calenders. The holes in the knife are made for custom fitting within the calender knife holder. The calender knife does not spin but is stationary and the holes are there to be bolted into the knife handle. When the knife dulls it can be taken out and re-positioned and bolted back in place. Visit the link below to view our calender knife selection. Any custom order can be made on top of the selection provided. View a video about calender knives on our YouTube channel by clicking on the link below:
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Calender Knife YouTube Video

2400-3 Calender Knife Carrier

The Calender Knife Carrier encases the calender knife. The carrier is bolted to the knife handle which is attached to the calender knife. The calender knife remains stationary as rotating while cutting would score the rolls.  

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