Monday, September 11, 2017

Skin Packing Machine

Alcon Post #15

In-House Machine Highlight

The skin packing machine represents the final stage of production for most of our products. The skin packer performs several duties; it provides a protective shield for each part while enhancing the safety and ease of handling for the customer and presents a uniformly sized unit for final packaging for shipment.

At the start of the process, each part is placed on a custom-cut piece of specialized corrugated skin board. Next, heat sensitive plastic sheet is rolled over the parts and attached to the frame at the perimeter. After the start button is pushed, the heating elements roll forward over the parts, the perimeter frame rises to about six inches below the heating elements until the film reaches the proper temperature. Once the film has reacted properly to the heat, the vacuum is started, the perimeter frame descends, the plastic film adheres to the skin board, and the heating element retracts away from the parts. The vacuum continues to operate after the heating element is fully retracted, ensuring that the heated plastic is properly adhered to the board and covers each part as snugly as possible. Each batch of parts sit momentarily to cool before heading off for boxing and shipment.

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